Ted’s Budz | Ooze 3.5g


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Ted's Budz


AROMA Sweet gas, licorice candy, lemonheads APPEARANCE Long orange hairs, shiny crystals, foxtail buds PALATE Earthy, skunk, lavender SMOKING EXPERIENCE Relaxed, creative, munchies OVERALL EXPERIENCE This collab goes crazy – these buds are cured to perfection looking dense and full of crystals. The nose has a strong Og gas, and a lemon candy twist that gives the smoke a unique flavor. The flavor is gassy, piney earthy and lemon candy with flavor through the whole blunt or paper. We didn’t just want to bring a fire flavor, we wanted a potent strain so we crossed this baby with an OG making this one a heavy hitter ! The type of high you’ll be getting will be relaxing, creative and super joyful, some even say it’s great for body pain and muscle relaxation. If you’re an everyday smoker you’ll want to add this “Ooze” to your headstash.


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