Ted’s Budz | Rainbow Jobstopper 3.5g


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Ted's Budz


AROMA Funk, citrus, berries APPEARANCE Light purple, shiny trichomes, boulder buds PALATE Lemon Berry, skittles, rainbow belts SMOKING EXPERIENCE Munchies, sedated, relaxing, joyful OVERALL EXPERIENCE Rainbow Jobstopper! This one is enriched with terps, crazy flavors like skittles, rainbow belts and bubblegum making this an exotic treat. These buds came with phenomenal looks, trichomes dancing and sharp orange hairs followed by dashes of light purple and multiple greens. As soon as you open the bag the aroma will smack you with lemon peel raspberry skittles and a sweet cotton candy finish to it. Rainbow Jobstopper creates a unique experience from beginning to end making you feel uplifted, euphoric, stoned and happy. The Smokers Club made sure they brought some heat to the table, candy and gas put together you can’t go wrong, this strain marks all boxes plus more!


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