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Are you looking for weed delivery near me? It can be quite a challenge to get your hands on quality cannabis flowers, edibles, and concentrates in San Jose but it is not impossible.

Golden We is a trusted weed dispensary that offers a wide range of quality cannabis goods. Furthermore, all of these premium-quality goods can be delivered to your doorstep in San Jose.

Want to find out how? Let’s take a look. 

Is it Legal to Buy Weed in San Jose?

Yes, it has been legal for adults to buy and use weed in California since 2018. If you want to buy weed online or in person you will, however, need to be 21 years old or older and you can only have up to 28.52 grams of dried cannabis flower in your possession at a time. 

Users should also take note of a couple of usage restrictions. You are not allowed to drive a vehicle or operate certain machines after using these stimulants. It is also illegal to smoke, eat, or vape these products in public. 

While there are many restrictions and laws about cannabis use in San Jose, it is perfectly safe to buy and use moderate quantities of this product. 

How To Buy Weed Online in San Jose

Before you can get your weed discreetly delivered to your door, you will need to buy it online. Golden We has a beautiful and user-friendly site where you can shop a huge variety of cannabis products.

We offer a variety of edibles, flowers, prerolls, tinctures, vape pens, and waxes to choose from and all of our products are from reputable sources with laboratory-tested goods. 

You can easily scan through our online store and add any products you like to the chart. Just be careful to keep the cannabis count of your products under 28 grams or your package might be illegal. 

After adding the products to your chart, you can safely and discreetly check out online. Your weed package will be carefully packaged, wrapped, and shipped to your location. 

Weed Delivery in San Jose for a Variety of Products

With some San Jose weed delivery companies you might be restricted in the type of products you can acquire. This is because marijuana products can be difficult to locate in this area. 

However, that is not the case with Golden We at all. Here, a huge variety of cannabis products are available for delivery. Here is a quick look at some of the most popular products to acquire from this online dispensary. 


Edibles are weed products and treats that can be consumed orally. This can include a variety of tasty cannabis-infused treats like chewy bites, chocolate balls, chocolate bars, mints, gummies, cookies, jellies, and fruit chews. The THC content of these products is carefully measured and each bite or candy offers a precise dose of cannabis.


Weed flowers or cannabis flowers are dried flower buds of quality marijuana plants. These flower buds have been carefully dried and cured so you can easily use them for making your cannabis treats or for rolling your joints. 

Cannabis flowers can vary a great deal in strength and aroma because a huge variety of plant strains and hybrids can be used to create these products and they can be infused with other ingredients to enhance their fragrance or aroma.

Pre Rolls

Pre-rolls are cannabis flowers that are already rolled and wrapped in a convenient-to-use joint. The cannabis joints are carefully crafted to contain the exact amount of cannabis and it is easy to see what the dosage of each joint is from the product descriptions. With the right strength level, you can get the exact treatment or results when you enjoy these joints. 


Cannabis tincture is a type of cannabis concentrate that contains alcohol. The product comes in a liquid state since it is made of a combination of cannabis oil and ethanol. These THC fluids come in glass bottles with a little dropper that allows you to easily calculate a consistent dosage. 

Tinctures are great for those who have food allergies since this pure product doesn’t contain any additional ingredients. It is also very convenient to use since the fluid can easily be dropped under your tongue with the use of a little dropper.

Vape Pens

Cannabis vape pens, also known as cartridges, are also available at Golden We. We offer cartridges from a variety of reputable brands and they come in many different flavors or fragrances. These electric cigarettes allow you to conveniently and discreetly smoke cannabis because the device is compact and very easy to conceal.


You can also buy marijuana wax online in San Jose. Wax is a type of concentrated form of marijuana and it is considered to be one of the purest forms of cannabis products with a pure THC content of 82 – 99.7 percent.

Weed delivery near me is very easy when you use a trustworthy dispensary like Golden We. You can easily buy online and can get your products discreetly delivered to your San Jose address.  

There are quite a few different types of marijuana waxes available. They are sold in live resin form, resin sugar form, and live resin shatter. The potency, texture, and flavor of these products can vary for different brands. 

Trusted Brands and Lab-Tested Products

It can be dangerous to source your products from unreliable sources because you might not know what the exact dosage of a product is or what ingredients it might include. 

All of the brands sold at Golden We are fully licensed and all of their products are created under laboratory conditions. Each and every product you use is carefully weighted and crafted to include exact dosages so you can stay as safe as possible while treating a medical condition or while getting your fix. 

With Golden We dispensary, you can easily acquire your monthly supply of edibles and other cannabis treats so you can treat your condition successfully without ever running out of product. All of these and other products can easily be bought online and can be discreetly delivered to your door. 

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