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It is always good to invest a little bit more when you are shopping for weed-infused products, pre-rolls, or weed flowers. 

The type of products you consume or absorb into your bloodstream can have a huge impact on your overall health and vitality. 

If you live in San Jose then you are in luck because at Golden We, you can get your hands on all the finest quality products easily, without any fuss, and any effort from your side.

This premium dispensary is extremely popular among medical and recreational users because it offers a huge selection of the finest quality cannabis to be found in the city.  

Let’s take a closer look at what this San Jose dispensary has to offer. 

Premium Weed VS Street Weed

When you shop around for weed flower or weed-infused products like edibles, you will quickly note that weed stores in San Jose can have a pretty significant price difference for their products. 

Do some stores simply have a higher mark-up rate than others? Or is there a deeper reason behind these more costly products?

The truth about cannabis products is that you usually get what you pay for. There is an astronomical difference between street weed sold at rock-bottom prices and premium weed that you can acquire from licensed dispensaries. 

Here is a quick look at some of the most apparent differences between these products.

The Legal Aspect

Street weed tends to be very affordable because these products are usually distributed by individual dealers. These dealers are not licensed and therefore operate illegally. It is also illegal to buy weed from anyone who doesn’t have a licensed dispensary. Buying from these illegal sources can put you at huge risk which may result in a hefty fine or perhaps even jail time.

That is not all. Street weed is usually homegrown and therefore untested. The strength level and ingredients of these products are a complete guess and can be very risky – another factor that makes them illegal to buy.

Premium weed, on the other hand, is completely legal and there is no risk of getting into any trouble when you buy these products. This is because premium products are sold by licensed dispensaries and they are grown and manufactured under legal laboratory conditions. 

Potency Differences

Weed tends to be more expensive the more potent it is. Street weed tends to be quite affordable because they often contain very low rates of THC levels. 

Premium weed is carefully bred and cultivated to maximize its potency levels. The products available at dispensaries tend to have a much higher CBD or THC ratio and therefore result in a much more notable and desirable effect.

Precise Dosages

With cheap street weed, the strength ratio and THC content of the weed are untested. Any products including THC oils derived from street weed also have estimated amounts of THC. When you use these products, you will never be certain of the dosage strengths of the products or of the effects they might offer.

Premium weed products, on the other hand, have been carefully cultivated, laboratory-tested, and precisely manufactured. With each edible you enjoy or puff of smoke you take, you will know the exact amount of THC or CBD that enters your body.

More Accurate Results

Different weed strains and hybrids usually produce different effects. Some weed flower types tend to have an uplifting and energy-boosting effect while others can make you feel sluggish and sleepy.

Premium weed products underwent a lot of testing and the effects of each weed strain have been thoroughly studied and tested.

Because of this, users know exactly what to expect when using these high-quality products. They will know whether they can expect a serious case of the munchies, a complete couch-locking effect, or a get a spring in their step. 

This makes it much easier to treat a specific medical condition or to get the desired effects when you are enjoying weed for recreational purposes. 

Premium Products from a Premium Weed Dispensary in San Jose

Now that you know more about the difference between common weed and premium weed, it is time to start shopping for some quality products.

Golden We is one of the best dispensaries to trust if you are looking for the finest quality marijuana. 

This weed dispensary offers a huge selection of marijuana goods to choose from including edibles, flowers, prerolls, tinctures, vape pens, wax, and other concentrates.

Here, you will only find the finest-grade products from trusted brands. Premium weed brands like Stiizy, Raw Garden Kingrol, and Dime are all fully licensed and registered. These quality brands produce nothing but the finest quality products.

With every product you buy from this high-end dispensary, you will know exactly what ingredients your body is exposed to, you will receive exact amounts of THC or CBD, and you will get an accurate understanding of what effects you can expect when enjoying these cannabis products. 

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Weed Delivered To You in Just 1 Hour

Another great reason to use Golden We as your go-to dispensary is because of our superior service delivery. When you use our online store, you can easily buy all the best products. 

These products will be carefully packaged and can be delivered to your doorstep in less than an hour and you can get your needed treatments without setting foot out of the house. 

Cannabis delivery is the ultimate solution for patients with mobility issues or recreational users who don’t want to drive while indulging in the pleasures that cannabis has to offer. 

A Final Wrap-Up

For the finest quality cannabis products and the best service, there is no better dispensary to trust than Golden We.

With our weed store in San Jose, you are always guaranteed to get the best products and our weed delivery service ensures the highest level of convenience. 

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